Most often, players in illegal bookmakers face nonpayment of winnings

These people see profitable odds, rush to replenish the account and make a bet. Before registering on the bookmaker’s website, you need to do three things. Make sure that the bookmaker has a license. The withdrawal of money in the bookmakers with a license is guaranteed.  Do not risk and do not trust your money to illegal bookmakers. Suppose you made a big bet, and it was a winning one. The bookmaker understands that it is necessary to pay a tidy sum. But for some reason does not want to do this. In order not to pay out the prize, the bookmaker can simply remove the bet from your personal account. There was no bid   no need to pay. In order to know more about how to be a bookie, you can always take the help of the internet.

Take screenshots in case of nonpayment

If the bookmaker does not pay the money, it is very useful to have evidence that the money was in the account and the bet was actually made. It’s very simple, take screenshots. We need screenshots of recharge, availability of money in the office, displaying the concluded bet in history. Make such screenshots so that you can see that it is your office, that you replenish your account and make a bet. It will be a plus if the date and time are visible on the screenshot.

How to get your money back?

As soon as it became clear that the bookmaker is not going to pay the bills, first try to contact him. Maybe this is a technical failure or a delay caused by some objective reasons. On the site of the bookmaker in the section of contact information must be a phone number and email address. Call first. If you do not get through   write and attach the evidence. Long wait for an answer not worth it. The bookmaker will need no more than one or two days to reply to the email. If nothing happens, go to the next item.

Go to the betting center

Large bookmakers have a network of betting points. Think of these items as another help desk channel. Ask the operator to verify the information on your rate. Write an application for the payment of winnings. The disadvantage of this method lies in the fact that the points of acceptance of bets remained mainly at the legal bookmakers. Illegal bookmakers prefer to hide on the Internet.

Leave a negative review

Write about what happened. Find topical forums and sites with bookmaker rating. A negative review can wake the bookmaker. If the reputation is important to him, he will contact and try to solve the problem. In the recall, you need to focus on constructive the bet won, the payments   no. The use of capital letters and exclamation marks will not add credibility to the recall. Try to discard emotions and convey the essence of the problem.

Write a review

Try to collect similar cases on the Internet. Better yet, find people to whom the bookmaker has also refused to pay. Write a detailed article with screenshots. There by you will help other players not to make your mistakes.

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